It’s Sunday morning. I was expecting to have a blast and I had plans with my friends. Everything was going great as planned yet something felt incomplete. My soul started questioning, “Sakshi, is this something you called fun?”. The word “fun” felt like a stranger that I ever met.

I reached home but couldn’t get over all the loneliness that I felt inside me. Then manu gave me the idea of a night ride but we have neither scooty nor the guts to go out during nights. The way, “every cloud has a silver lining”, we had Krishna to rescue us. I asked two of my friends to join us. The vespa parked in front of my gate seemed like a chariot sent by god himself. 

With our vespa we started exploring the streets of Hyderabad. I loved the feeling of fresh air on my face and wind blowing through my hair. I had a mix of emotions, when we finally reached Charminar. I am very happy yet there is a little fear in me which kept asking me, whether my friends will arrive safe or not? Am I doing anything wrong by roaming on roads during nights? When I saw ayush and madhav approaching us, a breeze of relief passed through my veins. I sat on vespa; my saviour from the dusty roads. Ayush started telling about his life and the things he loves doing which he didn’t said before whereas I and madhav started our Tom and Jerry thing then I started to realise how close are. The ice cream on the roads of tank bund taught me that, “Ice cream can solve any problem”. I even tried to drive vespa but my height didn’t cooperate. so, I ended up clicking pictures with it.

I realized that I am not just roaming on roads; I am discovering things and making memories. Then again, my soul asked, “sakshi, is this something you called fun?”. May be with every horn free road, with every street light that gives hope to continue the ride, with breeze that wakes up the little child inside me, with every friend of mine who came for me to make me happy; I think I tasted the essence of fun on the streets of Hyderabad with my vespa and I felt, “If the memories that I had with vespa is not considered as fun then nothing in the world can fulfil the meaning of fun”.

My dear yellow vespa in a nutshell, you are like the squirrel that helped Lord Sri Ram to build Rama Setu. You made that extra effort to make me discover new things. You may not be there with me my entire life to complete me but my life would be incomplete without your presence on that day since you gave me one such incredible memory.


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