Ear Phones

It’s getting late to college. I think, I will definitely miss the bus today. Shit!!! I forgot my earphones. It takes five minutes to get them from my house. It’s okay if I miss the bus; I can grab another but a journey without you is “Mission Impossible” to me. My most beautiful morning would be a combination of window seat, fresh air with you plugged in my ears and a list of favourite songs in the playlist. I know that in this world some of the people judge by looks, some of them by dressing style, some by the way of speaking but I really don’t know why they give that weird looks when I am with you. Man, you are like a chameleon; I mean you are a wired ear phones one day, wireless earphones the other day and Air Pods today and there no limit for colours and brands.

You are the best half of our relationship because you take care of me all the time. You soothe my mood with great songs when I am emotionally weak. You save me from weird looks from people during group video calls and snapchat videos (can’t trust them). You never took me for granted and always presented the happy version of me to the world. You tried your level best to give filmy effects and 8d songs is nothing without you.

Although I may not be the best, I took enough care of you. I bought a cute little box to make you feel safe and secure. I can guess your reaction right know and you will be like, “What safe?? You bought it to save your time”. Of course, you are right I can’t deal with twists you give me as a punishment for my careless behaviour but at the end I am the one who goes for an extra mile to resolve the puzzle of twists and get you back to normal.

My dear earphones, you make me appreciate every single lyric of a song. You make me forget the world around me. I think you are one of the doremon gadgets to help people find happiness.


  1. Hii vidya🤗, while reading
    I remembered myself there.
    Without music 🎶 $ earphones 🎧life is messy..
    Your contents are too good…
    Doremon thing is nice…😍
    You go girl…..🤘👍😇


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