Lunch Box

“Is there anyone in the house?? I need some help. If not no lunch for today”, my mom started her drama in the morning. She told me to place the utensils in the shelf that are cleaned by her. I thought I should complete it in five minutes so that I can continue watching my series. While placing some boxes in the shelf I found my most favourite thing in my college bag “My lunch box”, I screamed with joy. I may go to college without note books but without you “No way!!!!”.

In between the classes I wonder thinking what’s today’s special dish that’s inside you and you can’t imagine the happiness if it’s my favourite dish. There would be a smile on my face every time I see you especially in the class before lunch. You helped me in selecting my bunch of people. Lunch is the most favourite hour for all of us. At the beginning it would be like “Do you want to taste my food”, “Oh, it’s nice”. After some days, “Auntie’s biryani is the best don’t worry I will finish it. Now you have my box”. Now a days we not only wonder about our box but also, about the number of boxes the other one brought. That hour of the day where we join our benches, talking all the bullshit in the world and stealing food from other’s boxes is the best time ever. We met the weirdest people of our lives because of you. One would mix the curries brought by everyone and says it is amazing; the next moment there would be a spoon fight held in that box and we all fall in the pit together. The most interesting part of our gang is that it contains both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian people and the ultimate victory for non-vegetarians would be making vegetarians eat non-veg food with one or another plot. The one who brought tumbler is our best friend for that day because it may contain sambar, rasam which is everyone’s favourite. Sometimes the one who brought it wouldn’t get to taste it. If anyone didn’t get their box there would be buffet with all our dishes. Every gang have one friend who is famous for curries.

When I saw you, I remembered that I miss having lunch with them more than my college. My life would be incomplete without your presence and it would contain only the boring people. Dear Lunch Box, “You not only made me taste the best food but also brought extraordinary people who became friends”. I wish you could unite us for one last time.


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