Women’s College

When I told my friends that, “I am going to join women’s college in B.Tech”. Everyone told me, “You are going to die in boredom for four years”. When I joined it; I had least expectations and so is my first day of college experience. This seventeen year old girl doesn’t know that “Eventually everything will fall in place” and there this crazy world she is yet to discover. I must say my love for my college is not a “love at first sight” kind of thing but it’s something which just resembles devadas love for parvathi which is slow, deep yet intense. Wait, you must be wondering what made me fell for it? If, this question is asked in one of my exams; neither thirty two paper answer sheet nor three hours of time would be sufficient to answer it. I am hundred percent sure that I would not only pass but also gain a good grade but I don’t expect hundred percent marks because no one can trust JNTU correction.

Enough of the rattling, I must say how my love changed my life. My love taught me “Be yourself”. I can be anything in my college well dressed up or with messy hair or no ironed clothes or not having a bath or sometimes not even brushing teeth, for every different category of person the gates of our college are always open. This place taught me the meaning of “Courage”. Courage needed to ask for attendance even if I am late to class and the one needed to ask permission for dance practice, to bunk classes, to face principal when caught without wearing ID card. You made me “Independent” by not providing a college bus. My love finally helped me find “My people”. If I am entering the college with a sad face; these people will make sure that I leave college with a happy face. One should never trust me when I am with these people. We can play cricket in class, scare a person in washroom, finish lunch box without other person’s notice, and dance like idiots in front of the stage. These people taught me how to “Be myself” and helped to gain “Courage” in my life. This place not only taught me or made me a different person. It helped each and every person in becoming a leader, dancer, singer, musician, writer, speaker, storyteller, athlete, comedian, initiator, planner, organizer, programmer etc. One just needs to showcase their talent without any fear and no one will ever judge you because they know everyone has their own flaws.

My women’s college contains bunches of people sitting in groups and laughing out loud it may be in lawn, canteen, locker room and may be in middle of a lecture. Dear Women’s college, “You made me curious, passionate, fun loving individual with lots of happy memories and I will be forever grateful for choosing me”. Okay, now stop pitying women’s college students. Our enjoyment is beyond your imagination.


  1. Have you ever wondered about the life on the other side i.e., the co-education?? Anyways it was amazing and I’m grateful to know about the other side of the world too😁.Keep up the good work🤘


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