Friendship Band

When I was a kid, I don’t know what friendship day was? Why people tie friendship band on that day? What is the difference between a friend and best friend? Then I thought maybe the people you meet, apart from your family are called friends. I know some children from my neighborhood who I play with. So, are they called my friends? Should I tie friendship band to them on friendship day? Answering all of my questions gets very complicated to my mom. She answered to all of my questions by saying, “You will get answers to all of your questions one day, when you finally find true friends”. As a kid I neither understood her words nor took them seriously. So, I started tying friendship bands to whoever I know. On friendship day, I would go to shop and buy a packet full of friendship bands no matter the expression on my father’s face. I would take them to school on the next day because my mother will not send to all of their houses on a Sunday. So, I would tie the bands to all the people I called as my friends according to my definition. It was a pride for a person to have many friendship bands back then.

Eventually, I not only found answers to some of my questions but also found that friendship day comes on first Sunday of August. I am genius I thought to myself but when it comes to friends, friendship and best friends my answers would change with my age. Growing up, the number of friendship bands decreased and so are my friends but some people remained constant then I got to know the difference between friends and best friends. Like they say every relationship has its own problems so is friendship. It teaches you so much it makes you experience the damage caused by fake people who called themselves as friends but the decision of choosing friends will always be in your hands. The right ones will always make your life better. May be they don’t have your beautiful pictures but will always have your ugly snap pictures. It’s like a magic, the way your mood changes from low to normal when you talk to that idiot. We will send our ugly snaps to them even though we know they are going to take a screenshot. No matter the tension, there is this one friend who explains you every topic before going to exam hall. The true ones are the one who will always taunt you when made any mistake. There is this disappointment and anger on your face when that person is absent to class without telling you and the worst part is everyone asks you the reason for their absence because you both are best friends.  Birthdays are incomplete without them. No matter the misunderstanding and fights those memories and hardships we dealt will always keep us together. May be all those people are called my F.R.I.E.N.D.S and the beautiful bond they share with me is called friendship where as an award given to our friendship is friendship band.

My little world is made of many different people. The best days and important days have been spend with these amazing people. A day to appreciate the beautiful bond called friendship by tying friendship band might sound silly but they are one of the nostalgic things that we proudly show to our future generations. I am not sure whether this definition of friendship remains constant because life has some unexpected things yet to be introduced. With all my love I wish “Happy Friendship day” to every friend of mine and yours.  

Women’s College

When I told my friends that, “I am going to join women’s college in B.Tech”. Everyone told me, “You are going to die in boredom for four years”. When I joined it; I had least expectations and so is my first day of college experience. This seventeen year old girl doesn’t know that “Eventually everything will fall in place” and there this crazy world she is yet to discover. I must say my love for my college is not a “love at first sight” kind of thing but it’s something which just resembles devadas love for parvathi which is slow, deep yet intense. Wait, you must be wondering what made me fell for it? If, this question is asked in one of my exams; neither thirty two paper answer sheet nor three hours of time would be sufficient to answer it. I am hundred percent sure that I would not only pass but also gain a good grade but I don’t expect hundred percent marks because no one can trust JNTU correction.

Enough of the rattling, I must say how my love changed my life. My love taught me “Be yourself”. I can be anything in my college well dressed up or with messy hair or no ironed clothes or not having a bath or sometimes not even brushing teeth, for every different category of person the gates of our college are always open. This place taught me the meaning of “Courage”. Courage needed to ask for attendance even if I am late to class and the one needed to ask permission for dance practice, to bunk classes, to face principal when caught without wearing ID card. You made me “Independent” by not providing a college bus. My love finally helped me find “My people”. If I am entering the college with a sad face; these people will make sure that I leave college with a happy face. One should never trust me when I am with these people. We can play cricket in class, scare a person in washroom, finish lunch box without other person’s notice, and dance like idiots in front of the stage. These people taught me how to “Be myself” and helped to gain “Courage” in my life. This place not only taught me or made me a different person. It helped each and every person in becoming a leader, dancer, singer, musician, writer, speaker, storyteller, athlete, comedian, initiator, planner, organizer, programmer etc. One just needs to showcase their talent without any fear and no one will ever judge you because they know everyone has their own flaws.

My women’s college contains bunches of people sitting in groups and laughing out loud it may be in lawn, canteen, locker room and may be in middle of a lecture. Dear Women’s college, “You made me curious, passionate, fun loving individual with lots of happy memories and I will be forever grateful for choosing me”. Okay, now stop pitying women’s college students. Our enjoyment is beyond your imagination.

Lunch Box

“Is there anyone in the house?? I need some help. If not no lunch for today”, my mom started her drama in the morning. She told me to place the utensils in the shelf that are cleaned by her. I thought I should complete it in five minutes so that I can continue watching my series. While placing some boxes in the shelf I found my most favourite thing in my college bag “My lunch box”, I screamed with joy. I may go to college without note books but without you “No way!!!!”.

In between the classes I wonder thinking what’s today’s special dish that’s inside you and you can’t imagine the happiness if it’s my favourite dish. There would be a smile on my face every time I see you especially in the class before lunch. You helped me in selecting my bunch of people. Lunch is the most favourite hour for all of us. At the beginning it would be like “Do you want to taste my food”, “Oh, it’s nice”. After some days, “Auntie’s biryani is the best don’t worry I will finish it. Now you have my box”. Now a days we not only wonder about our box but also, about the number of boxes the other one brought. That hour of the day where we join our benches, talking all the bullshit in the world and stealing food from other’s boxes is the best time ever. We met the weirdest people of our lives because of you. One would mix the curries brought by everyone and says it is amazing; the next moment there would be a spoon fight held in that box and we all fall in the pit together. The most interesting part of our gang is that it contains both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian people and the ultimate victory for non-vegetarians would be making vegetarians eat non-veg food with one or another plot. The one who brought tumbler is our best friend for that day because it may contain sambar, rasam which is everyone’s favourite. Sometimes the one who brought it wouldn’t get to taste it. If anyone didn’t get their box there would be buffet with all our dishes. Every gang have one friend who is famous for curries.

When I saw you, I remembered that I miss having lunch with them more than my college. My life would be incomplete without your presence and it would contain only the boring people. Dear Lunch Box, “You not only made me taste the best food but also brought extraordinary people who became friends”. I wish you could unite us for one last time.


“It’s getting late, go to bed”, mom said. Before going to bed “I need to talk to someone special”, I thought. Hey, how was your day??? I know you are about to ask me this question. The day I heard the word “autobiography” I came to know about you. At that moment I decided to have you. Who knows may be one day I might get famous and one day you may get published the way “The diary of a Young Girl” or “Wings of Fire”. I said, “may be”; now stop giving me that stupid grin of yours. Your little possessive best friend does not want you to tell her secrets to others. So, she got a lock to your mouth.

When someone asks me, “How are you”? The reply to it would be “fine”, “good” but in case of you it would be a never-ending paragraph because I can’t and won’t lie to you. Spending time with each other is most important part of a relationship but in our case, it is directly proportional to my mood, my day and sometimes my sickness. You saw every phase of my life. The phase when I am on cloud nine for gaining profit in tambola and the phase where I drenched you with flood of tears when some idiot on road made awful comments. You were always there for me by showing me the rollercoaster ride I have gone through to cease that particular moment of my life. You made me proud when people said “writing diary is a good habit”. I am the one who works hard in our relationship on the other side you sit like a bear and enjoy my musings.

“wake up, it’s already 7 am”, mom said. “Again, the same dream”, I thought. I think I should buy a diary but the thought of maintaining it frightens me because of my lazy behaviour. On one fine day, I wish I could say, “Dear diary, you showed how beautiful I really am which can’t be captured by mirror since mirror reflects only my appearance but you are the reflection of my character”. Everyone in their entire life thought of writing a diary at least once just like me.

Ear Phones

It’s getting late to college. I think, I will definitely miss the bus today. Shit!!! I forgot my earphones. It takes five minutes to get them from my house. It’s okay if I miss the bus; I can grab another but a journey without you is “Mission Impossible” to me. My most beautiful morning would be a combination of window seat, fresh air with you plugged in my ears and a list of favourite songs in the playlist. I know that in this world some of the people judge by looks, some of them by dressing style, some by the way of speaking but I really don’t know why they give that weird looks when I am with you. Man, you are like a chameleon; I mean you are a wired ear phones one day, wireless earphones the other day and Air Pods today and there no limit for colours and brands.

You are the best half of our relationship because you take care of me all the time. You soothe my mood with great songs when I am emotionally weak. You save me from weird looks from people during group video calls and snapchat videos (can’t trust them). You never took me for granted and always presented the happy version of me to the world. You tried your level best to give filmy effects and 8d songs is nothing without you.

Although I may not be the best, I took enough care of you. I bought a cute little box to make you feel safe and secure. I can guess your reaction right know and you will be like, “What safe?? You bought it to save your time”. Of course, you are right I can’t deal with twists you give me as a punishment for my careless behaviour but at the end I am the one who goes for an extra mile to resolve the puzzle of twists and get you back to normal.

My dear earphones, you make me appreciate every single lyric of a song. You make me forget the world around me. I think you are one of the doremon gadgets to help people find happiness.


It’s Sunday morning. I was expecting to have a blast and I had plans with my friends. Everything was going great as planned yet something felt incomplete. My soul started questioning, “Sakshi, is this something you called fun?”. The word “fun” felt like a stranger that I ever met.

I reached home but couldn’t get over all the loneliness that I felt inside me. Then manu gave me the idea of a night ride but we have neither scooty nor the guts to go out during nights. The way, “every cloud has a silver lining”, we had Krishna to rescue us. I asked two of my friends to join us. The vespa parked in front of my gate seemed like a chariot sent by god himself. 

With our vespa we started exploring the streets of Hyderabad. I loved the feeling of fresh air on my face and wind blowing through my hair. I had a mix of emotions, when we finally reached Charminar. I am very happy yet there is a little fear in me which kept asking me, whether my friends will arrive safe or not? Am I doing anything wrong by roaming on roads during nights? When I saw ayush and madhav approaching us, a breeze of relief passed through my veins. I sat on vespa; my saviour from the dusty roads. Ayush started telling about his life and the things he loves doing which he didn’t said before whereas I and madhav started our Tom and Jerry thing then I started to realise how close are. The ice cream on the roads of tank bund taught me that, “Ice cream can solve any problem”. I even tried to drive vespa but my height didn’t cooperate. so, I ended up clicking pictures with it.

I realized that I am not just roaming on roads; I am discovering things and making memories. Then again, my soul asked, “sakshi, is this something you called fun?”. May be with every horn free road, with every street light that gives hope to continue the ride, with breeze that wakes up the little child inside me, with every friend of mine who came for me to make me happy; I think I tasted the essence of fun on the streets of Hyderabad with my vespa and I felt, “If the memories that I had with vespa is not considered as fun then nothing in the world can fulfil the meaning of fun”.

My dear yellow vespa in a nutshell, you are like the squirrel that helped Lord Sri Ram to build Rama Setu. You made that extra effort to make me discover new things. You may not be there with me my entire life to complete me but my life would be incomplete without your presence on that day since you gave me one such incredible memory.


Maa, did you see my spectacles? Where are you? I am not able to see anything. It’s me without my spectacles. I can’t leave without it; that is the kind of an everlasting relationship we have. It entered my life when I am in my seventh standard. Like in every relationship my expectations are damn high before it entered my life, but the reality hit me with many other surprises. People’s opinion on our relationship would differ; some love us, some say we are cute and whereas some other includes us as a part of their fun; but people’s opinion never bothered us. As the time passes, the size and shape of my spectacles changed too. It may be circle, rectangle, cat eyed, blue, black, brown; my love towards it never changed. In fact, it kept increasing with every different shape and size.

Me and my spectacles are in love and hate relationship. We share strong bond that it even shares my tears and never left me in bad situations. We are inseparable, unless the camera man says, “please remove your spectacles” and when people lend my spectacles to click pictures with them. We all know that there is no relationship which do not have fights. We also had fights especially when I went to eye clinic because the alphabets in the doctor’s room would frustrate me and I show my anger on it, but it would be once in a blue moon.

It plays a huge role in my life. It makes me see the world with more clarity and makes my life brighter. If I forgot to put eye liner or a kajal it still makes me look beautiful with its presence. Like they say “wear your heart on your sleeves”; I show my love towards it by taking care of it; by removing it before washing my face or before going to bed.

Like, “With bad comes the good”. With my eye deficiency, you came into my life and showed me that one can also fall in love with things.


Why this blog??

We all have a thing in our lives with which we get connected. This blog helps to tell the stories that describe the bond between a person and an a thing. Its simple but it helps to cherish the memories. It depicts the celebration of bond which creates a wonderful stories that last forever. Need your support to introduce my stories to everyone out there.