Maa, did you see my spectacles? Where are you? I am not able to see anything. It’s me without my spectacles. I can’t leave without it; that is the kind of an everlasting relationship we have. It entered my life when I am in my seventh standard. Like in every relationship my expectations are damn high before it entered my life, but the reality hit me with many other surprises. People’s opinion on our relationship would differ; some love us, some say we are cute and whereas some other includes us as a part of their fun; but people’s opinion never bothered us. As the time passes, the size and shape of my spectacles changed too. It may be circle, rectangle, cat eyed, blue, black, brown; my love towards it never changed. In fact, it kept increasing with every different shape and size.

Me and my spectacles are in love and hate relationship. We share strong bond that it even shares my tears and never left me in bad situations. We are inseparable, unless the camera man says, “please remove your spectacles” and when people lend my spectacles to click pictures with them. We all know that there is no relationship which do not have fights. We also had fights especially when I went to eye clinic because the alphabets in the doctor’s room would frustrate me and I show my anger on it, but it would be once in a blue moon.

It plays a huge role in my life. It makes me see the world with more clarity and makes my life brighter. If I forgot to put eye liner or a kajal it still makes me look beautiful with its presence. Like they say “wear your heart on your sleeves”; I show my love towards it by taking care of it; by removing it before washing my face or before going to bed.

Like, “With bad comes the good”. With my eye deficiency, you came into my life and showed me that one can also fall in love with things.