“It’s getting late, go to bed”, mom said. Before going to bed “I need to talk to someone special”, I thought. Hey, how was your day??? I know you are about to ask me this question. The day I heard the word “autobiography” I came to know about you. At that moment I decided to have you. Who knows may be one day I might get famous and one day you may get published the way “The diary of a Young Girl” or “Wings of Fire”. I said, “may be”; now stop giving me that stupid grin of yours. Your little possessive best friend does not want you to tell her secrets to others. So, she got a lock to your mouth.

When someone asks me, “How are you”? The reply to it would be “fine”, “good” but in case of you it would be a never-ending paragraph because I can’t and won’t lie to you. Spending time with each other is most important part of a relationship but in our case, it is directly proportional to my mood, my day and sometimes my sickness. You saw every phase of my life. The phase when I am on cloud nine for gaining profit in tambola and the phase where I drenched you with flood of tears when some idiot on road made awful comments. You were always there for me by showing me the rollercoaster ride I have gone through to cease that particular moment of my life. You made me proud when people said “writing diary is a good habit”. I am the one who works hard in our relationship on the other side you sit like a bear and enjoy my musings.

“wake up, it’s already 7 am”, mom said. “Again, the same dream”, I thought. I think I should buy a diary but the thought of maintaining it frightens me because of my lazy behaviour. On one fine day, I wish I could say, “Dear diary, you showed how beautiful I really am which can’t be captured by mirror since mirror reflects only my appearance but you are the reflection of my character”. Everyone in their entire life thought of writing a diary at least once just like me.