Friendship Band

When I was a kid, I don’t know what friendship day was? Why people tie friendship band on that day? What is the difference between a friend and best friend? Then I thought maybe the people you meet, apart from your family are called friends. I know some children from my neighborhood who I play with. So, are they called my friends? Should I tie friendship band to them on friendship day? Answering all of my questions gets very complicated to my mom. She answered to all of my questions by saying, “You will get answers to all of your questions one day, when you finally find true friends”. As a kid I neither understood her words nor took them seriously. So, I started tying friendship bands to whoever I know. On friendship day, I would go to shop and buy a packet full of friendship bands no matter the expression on my father’s face. I would take them to school on the next day because my mother will not send to all of their houses on a Sunday. So, I would tie the bands to all the people I called as my friends according to my definition. It was a pride for a person to have many friendship bands back then.

Eventually, I not only found answers to some of my questions but also found that friendship day comes on first Sunday of August. I am genius I thought to myself but when it comes to friends, friendship and best friends my answers would change with my age. Growing up, the number of friendship bands decreased and so are my friends but some people remained constant then I got to know the difference between friends and best friends. Like they say every relationship has its own problems so is friendship. It teaches you so much it makes you experience the damage caused by fake people who called themselves as friends but the decision of choosing friends will always be in your hands. The right ones will always make your life better. May be they don’t have your beautiful pictures but will always have your ugly snap pictures. It’s like a magic, the way your mood changes from low to normal when you talk to that idiot. We will send our ugly snaps to them even though we know they are going to take a screenshot. No matter the tension, there is this one friend who explains you every topic before going to exam hall. The true ones are the one who will always taunt you when made any mistake. There is this disappointment and anger on your face when that person is absent to class without telling you and the worst part is everyone asks you the reason for their absence because you both are best friends.  Birthdays are incomplete without them. No matter the misunderstanding and fights those memories and hardships we dealt will always keep us together. May be all those people are called my F.R.I.E.N.D.S and the beautiful bond they share with me is called friendship where as an award given to our friendship is friendship band.

My little world is made of many different people. The best days and important days have been spend with these amazing people. A day to appreciate the beautiful bond called friendship by tying friendship band might sound silly but they are one of the nostalgic things that we proudly show to our future generations. I am not sure whether this definition of friendship remains constant because life has some unexpected things yet to be introduced. With all my love I wish “Happy Friendship day” to every friend of mine and yours.